Family Relieved but Resolved to Fight

September 4, 2020


Chief Judge F. Gates Peed issued an Order Denying Bond on Friday for Ex-Georgia Trooper Jacob Gordon Thompson, 27. The GBI arrested Thompson on charges of felony murder and aggravated assault in connection with the killing of Julian Lewis, 60, from a single-gun shot to the face on a rural dirt road in Screven County.  Thompson claimed Lewis had a burned-out taillight before PIT (precision intervention technique) maneuvering the 1992 Nissan Centre.  According to the GBI Investigation, Thompson lied multiple times about the facts, including perceived threats from Lewis and the necessity to use deadly force. 

"I want justice for Julian. He was too good to die as he did. This is one more step towards justice," said his widow Betty Lewis responding to the denial of bond.  "It is more than many other families have received at this stage and so swiftly.  However, it's hard to believe in a system when you have seen it fail our community so many times."

"The unprecedented pace of the investigation is a direct result of years of activism on these issues, along with a sea-change in law enforcement leadership at the top of the GBI. This case is not proceeding as business as usual," said Statesboro Civil Rights Attorney Francys Johnson.

Thompson is being held at the Screven County Jail. 


“Police-involved killings very rarely result in the officer being held without bond. The country should pay attention to this important fight for justice in the Deep South. Julian Lewis deserves our collective best effort,” said Lewis Family Co-Counsel, Mawuli Mel Davis, Davis Bozeman Law Firm of Decatur.

While the death of unarmed civilians has sparked sustained protests in New York City, Louisville, Atlanta, Los Angles, New Orleans, and Minneapolis among other cities and towns across this county, the ripple effects are being felt in places like Sylvania.  "It's a powder keg waiting to explode, but today's decision released some of that pressure. Now is the time to release any audio/video evidence to the community," said Johnson.

The Lewis family is represented by noted Civil Rights Attorneys Francys Johnson, of Statesboro, and Mawuli Davis of Bozeman and Davis Law, of Decatur. The Georgia NAACP led JUSTGeorgia Coalition along with the New Georgia Project, Black Voters Matter, and Screven Forward have flanked the Lewis family quest for #JusticeforJulianLewis.  A Rally is planned for September 19, 2020, for Sylvania.

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